Mission Statement SSAMM

Asset Management is defined in the ISO55000 as all coordinated activities to realize value from assets.

Realizations of value will normaly involve a balancing of costs, risks, opportunities and performance.

Our mission is act likewise and serve our customers with our quote:

“The Art Of Balancing Costs, Risks and Performance”


Who we are…..

SSAMM aims to be a specialist within the field of Asset and Maintenance Management.

We help organizations and professionals optimizing their Asset & Maintenance Management processes by sharing knowledge with our educational programs by SSAMMEducation and research partner Sustainable Asset Management


Our field of experience…

We are active in the infrastructure, build environment and industry.


Our profession…

– Asset Management ISO55000
– Maintenance Management
– Risk Assessment
– Condition Based Maintenance
– Condition inspection and advice

– Contract management
– Contract auditing

– NEN2767


Our educational professions…

– Development educational programs EQF 5, 6 and 7
– Associate, Bachelor and Master Degree*
– Core Degree development
– Course development

Please contact us to meet to expand your business…

*Short, first and second cycle.


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Our Partners

SSAMM has several partnerships and business units. Please explore our educational and research partners

-> SSAMM Education

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-> Sustainable Asset Management 

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Lifecycles ISO55000 based


Research Paradigm